Silver Bullion 1/4 oz Round .999 Fine (Random Design)

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    Sometimes, it's easier on your wallet and for storing, to purchase silver in smaller increments than an ounce. The right circumstances might occur, such as the price of silver dropping, or an active promo code, that encourage silver to be purchased. As long as you are "putting a little something away for a rainy day," these Assorted Silver Bullion Quarter Ounce rounds may be just what you are looking for! Plus, they come with great quantity discounts if purchased in bulk! It is important to note that these rounds are solely sold for their silver content, which is .999 pure silver, and not their design. Since there are hundreds of designs that make up the quarter ounce rounds, the design you want cannot be guaranteed. Experienced silver investors care more about the silver authenticity, than the aesthetic, and we guarantee 100% any silver we sell is .999 pure!

    Silver Round Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Can be in any condition, ranging from new to heavily tarnished
    -1/4 oz silver
    -Rounds come as is, we will not take special requests

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