Morgan Dollars 1921 Uncirculated 100 pcs.

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    The 1921 Uncirculated Morgan Dollars are the best way to purchase BU Morgans at an achievable price! With 100 1921 Morgans, all in perfect BU condition, this is an offer investors need to take advantage of! Although unpopular at the time of production, Morgans' popularity has greatly increased over time, due to public knowledge of the benefits of these highly numismatic gems. Investors have been encouraged to started investing in the Morgan Dollars, since they are comprised of 90% silver and usually contain low mintages. Brilliant uncirculated Morgans are the cream of the crop, and the top condition dealers look for when buying. BU Morgans shine bright with their original mint luster and every detail as sharp as the day it was struck. Since most 1921 Morgans were held up in federal reserve banks and the US Treasury until the 1960's, BU Morgans can contain contact and bag marks, both of which do not affect the value of the BU coin but is to be expected.

    The Morgan Silver Dollar's history is just as interesting as the investment they make for silver bullion collectors. George T. Morgan was the English engraver responsible for the marvelous Morgan silver dollar design. Morgan started out in England, where he learned and mastered all of the ways of an engraver. Then, he moved to the US where he was hired as the assistant engraver to chief engraver, William Barber, at the US Mint. Morgan worked at the mint for almost 40 years before earning the position of chief engraver when Barber died. The Morgan dollar was in production from 1878-1904, then one last production in 1921, before the Peace dollar took over. Since the Morgan contains 90% silver, it took the government many bills and repeals to afford to produce tons of silver dollars. Reaching into their silver reserves, the government reauthorized the minting of these Morgans to completion.

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