Morgan Dollars 1921 Circulated Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The marvelous Morgan silver dollar design was named after its designer: George T. Morgan. Morgan, born and raised in England, learned and mastered all of the ways of an engraver. He moved to the US, as a young adult, where he was hired as the assistant engraver to chief engraver, William Barber, at the US Mint. Morgan worked at the mint for almost 40 years before earning the position of chief engraver when Barber died. The Morgan dollar was in production from 1878-1904, then one last production in 1921. Reaching into their silver reserves, the government reauthorized the minting of these Morgans to completion. Since the Morgan contains 90% silver, it took the government many bills and repeals to afford to produce tons of silver dollars.

    Over the years, the Morgan Silver Dollar has gained a strong following, among collectors and investors. With a limited supply and a 90% silver content, the Morgan Dollar is deemed a wise silver investment for every kind of investor and collector. For investors, the tedious work of finding every date and mint-mark, of the Morgan, can seem time consuming and intimidating. With the 1921 Circulated Morgan Dollars Roll, the hard work as been done already, leaving you with the fruits of our labor. Since 1921 was the official last year of the Morgan, it is also one of the most common years to date. The 1921 Circulated Morgans still have visible dates and image details but are sold mainly for their silver content. Most coins minted before 1965 contain 90% silver and due to high demand, are a dwindling commodity. There are 20 Morgans, to a roll, and all of which contain the date of 1921. If 90% silver is a favorite investment of yours, consider the Morgan Silver Dollar for your next purchase!

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