Morgan Dollars 1921 Circulated 100 pcs.

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    The Morgan silver dollar became the first standard silver dollar minted after the Coinage Act of 1873 that put the Seated Liberty dollar out of production . The Bland-Allison Act called for the cease of free silver mining and demanded that all silver for the dollars be bought at market price. This greatly affected all miners and the direct profit they received mining their own silver. There were many acts that were repealed as the government was trying to have more regulations over the silver market, throughout the Morgan silver dollar's life. The Morgan silver dollar was stopped in production in 1904 and had one more year in 1921.

    Morgan Silver Dollars are bought for numerous reasons: their high numismatic value, their age and history, their 90% silver content, etc. Many investors have jumped on the Morgan Dollar bandwagon, ensuring their investment's value. Even if you aren't a collector nor have the time to pick through Morgans then buying in bulk is right up your alley. In 1921, thousands of Morgan Dollars were minted, causing this date to go down in history as one of the most common minted. Due to its high mintage, 1921 Morgans are enjoyed strictly for their 90% silver, which its demand is at an all time high. Since 90% silver was used on US currency, before 1965, the demand is beginning to outgrow the product. The 1921 Circulated Morgans are offered at an achievable price, validating everyone gets a chance at these dwindling numismatic gems. Circulated condition can range, resulting in coins with different conditions; some may be severely worn, while others have strong details and a readable date. Collectors and investors of 90% silver hope that one day, they will be able to barter their silver for goods. Whatever your feelings about the future, secure your safe investment and enjoy the benefits of owning the world renown Morgan Silver Dollar!

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