Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Extra Fine 100 pcs.

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    The Morgan silver dollar began its journey has a dollar in 1878 but due to a lot of government issues, its production ceased in 1904. Thanks to the Pittman Act in 1918, the reauthorization of silver dollars passed and Morgans had their final year of mintage in 1921. Also minted that year was the Peace dollar, which would surpass the Morgan as the new silver dollar. In the mid-60's, thousands of Morgan Dollars were discovered in federal reserve banks and the Treasury. Within no time at all, most of these coins were sold to dealers, collectors, and the interested public. The Morgan is still considered to be one of the most successful collections, in the US, of all time.

    Of course, if you aren't a collector, you probably stay away from the Morgan. Several different dates, mint-marks, and mintages are just a few reasons why investors are turned off by the Morgan. But with its 90% silver content, and high numismatic value, investors are doing their research and discovering the need to add these collectible gems to their investment plans. Since 1921 is one of the most common dates of the Morgan, due it being the last official year of mintage, it is in the prime interest of collectors and investors to purchase Morgans minted before that date. The Pre-1921 Extra Fine Morgans are sold in rolls, adding to one hundred pieces, and your work is done! Morgans, in extra fine condition, exhibiting visible wear around Lady Liberty's cheeks, hairline, and ear. The eagle also shows signs of wear by lack of detail on its wing, breast, and tail feathers. Extra fine is the preferred condition to collectors just starting out since some of the original luster is still present, the detail isn't totally worn down, and the coins are offered at an achievable value.

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