Isle of Man Gold Cat Fifth Ounce 2007

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    The Ragdoll Cat is the breed presented on the 2007 Isle of Man Gold Cat coin. These cats have white, long, soft hair with a specific dark marking around their crystal blue eyes. The Ragdoll breed is the result of a Persian Cat and a Burmese mating to create a longhaired Siamese-looking cat. This cat gets its name from suddenly going limp when picked up, like a ragdoll. A Ragdoll mother cat is pictured with her kittens on the reverse of the 2007 Isle of Man Gold Cat coin. Every cat is seated and the kittens are snuggling up to their mom. The coin's weight and legal tender value are both cleverly written at the very bottom of the coin. One feature of the Isle of Man coins that makes this collection worthwhile is the realistic portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. If one is looking at the obverse of every coin, they will notice the subtle and realistic changes to the Queen. With every year the coins are minted, the Queen's portrait gets a little bit older. This is to commemorate the Queen of the Commonwealth of Nations and celebrate her age rather than hide it.

    The Isle of Man Gold Cat series constantly draws in interest by minting coins of outstanding quality, artistry, and very low mintages. The Pobjoy Mint also changes the reverse design yearly, to reflect and honor all of the cat breeds. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 5th Ounce 2007 coin weighs 1/5th ounce of .9999 gold and is packaged in a coin flip for protection. The design's luster gleams with the immaculate proof finish that is in line with the Pobjoy Mint's standards. For centuries, cats have been viewed as guardians of the home and good luck. For your next special occasion, give the gift of good luck with the Isle of Man Gold Cat series!

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