Isle of Man Gold Cat Fifth Ounce 1992

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    Striking, elegant, profound. These might be a few words a coin collector would use to describe the 1992 Isle of Man Siamese Gold Cat coin by the Pobjoy Mint. The Pobjoy Mint is located in Surrey, England and was founded in 1965. Pobjoy is responsible for producing 20% of the world's commemoratives and circulating pattern coins for governments and central banks. Their reputation exceeds the number of years they have been minting coins and commemoratives, including the Isle of Man Cat collection for silver and gold. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 5th Ounce 1992 is struck in .999 pure gold and the design's luster gleams with the immaculate proof finish that is in line with the Pobjoy Mint's standards. For protection during shipping, your coin is packaged in individual coin flips.

    The Siamese cat is a distinctly recognizable cat from Thailand, that is a fairly new breed. The Siamese cat is known for its almond shaped blue eyes, its large, dark ears, its triangle shaped head, and its long and slender body. Siamese Cats desire human companionship and get along well with other cats. The reverse design showcases this friendly feline, sitting down with its long tail wrapped around its body. The Siamese's triangular shaped head is facing upwards, looking at the sky. There is a distant cat in the background that bears the coin's purity underneath its moving feet. The coin's weight and denomination are also etched on this side of the coin. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's famous side portrait is struck on the obverse side of the coin, revealing her recognizable curls and remarkable crown. The coin's date of mintage and series' name is included next the Queen, encircling the rim of the coin. When a kingdom's iconic symbol is combined with magnificent artistry, such as the Isle of Man Cat series, the result makes for a wonderful collection to invest in and enjoy.

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    • Year: 1992
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