Isle of Man Gold Cat 25th Ounce 2004

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    Every year, avid coin collectors anxiously wait for the mint release of the new Isle of Man Gold Cat coin. The Pobjoy Mint started a tradition in 1988 to feature a bullion coin with a different cat breed yearly. The inaugural coin released pictured a lone Manx cat that is known to be indigenous to the Isle of Man. This independent island has always depended on the strength of Great Britain in case of emergencies and is viewed as part of Britain. Coin collectors and investors alike enjoy the true craftsmanship of the Isle of Man Gold Cat coins, while also having confidence in investing in gold bullion. The Isle of Man Gold Cat 25th Ounce 2004 coin is guaranteed to be 1/25th of an ounce of .9999 pure gold and is packaged in individual coin flips. The Pobjoy Mint finishes the gold coin with a freshly minted patina that is only consistent with their proof-like BU coin standards.

    The Tonkonese Cat is the breed chosen for 2004 and it features 2 small kittens. The Tonkonese is the result of crossbreeding a Siamese and a Burmese adult cat. The Siamese's dark markings turn into a lighter brown on the Tonkonese and the light blue eyes of a Burmese are grey on this breed. The Tonkonese kittens on the reverse, of this gold coin, are actively playing with what looks like to be a butterfly. The coin's weight, of 1/25th of an ounce, and the coin's denomination are both creatively inscribed below the playful paws. To honor the monarch of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II's youthful side portrait is designed on the obverse of the coin. She is accompanied by the coin series' title, "Isle of Man," and the year of mintage, "2004." Whether you are looking to buy gold online or over the phone, the Isle of Man Gold Cat series is a smart move for your investment.

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