Indian Head Cent 1860 Round Bust G-VG

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    Certainly the more widely circulated cent in that year than that of the Pointed Bust, the Round Bust (sometimes referred to as Broad Bust) has been collected as the only Indian Head cent of that year until the late 1980’s when the Pointed Bust became widely regarded as a variety. Instead of the Pointed Bust Indian Head cent, in which the bottom of Liberty’s neck comes to a strong point, the Round Bust Indian Head cent has Liberty’s neck ending with a broader, rounder tip. As mentioned, this widely circulated penny had a total mintage of just under twenty million, however, this year’s penny only saw two years of circulation before the Civil War coinage crisis. By the 1870’s many copper-nickel pennies were being melted. This has made collecting the 1860 cent in higher grades more difficult. Obviously, the higher grade specimens were never returned into circulation after the war.

    The mintage figure does include an estimated one thousand proof Indian Head cents this year. Due to low sales, roughly half of that number was melted or put directly into circulation. Because of this, the proof issues are much scarcer than the mintage figure suggests. In addition, the year has three minor varieties, not including the Pointed Bust variety. There are three repunched dates varieties known for this issue.

    Other than the variation of the bottom of Liberty’s bust, the coin still depicts Liberty leftward facing inside a reeded edge with the word “United States of America” and the word “Liberty” strewn across our mythical mother’s forehead. The reverse shows a majestic oak wreath surrounding the word “One Cent” all under the United States federal shield. This coin holds a special place in every collector’s heart, as it is the last penny issued before the beginning of the American Civil War.

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