Eisenhower Dollars Circulated 1000 pcs.

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    Inspired by the late President and General, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Eisenhower dollar was conceived in 1969. When the US Mint desired to produce a new dollar, there was no disagreement that Eisenhower, who also passed in 1969, would be the face of the new coin. The Eisenhower dollar was the first US dollar to be minted since the Peace dollar's production ended in 1935. The Eisenhower Dollars are comprised of a nickel/copper alloy, saving the US Mint millions of dollars since switching from 90% silver. There was an overproduction of Eisenhower Dollars, with most not being put into circulation. Since BU Eisenhower Dollars contain a low premium, the circulated versions are even lower!

    Collectors have used the Eisenhower Dollar as a gateway collection for aspiring young collectors. The collection is accessible and affordable to everyone, making it the perfect collection for any novice collector. Eisenhower Dollars have also been popularly used as poker chips and as gifts to children, whether it's from the tooth fairy or celebrating a special birthday. The Circulated Eisenhower Dollars contains 1,000 coins that are stored in a canvas bag. These Eisenhower Dollars are circulated and will contain scratching, worn down details, tarnishing, etc. At such an achievable price, these dollars never last long in our inventory!

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