Early Gold Bullion $20 Saint Gaudens Jewelry Grade

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    Coined in 1907, the $20 Saint-Gaudens double eagle was the second design in the two coin series. In the 1820's and 30's, Congress was approached multiple times about minting a gold coin with a larger denomination than $10. Finally, in 1850, the first double eagle was minted with a legal tender value of $20; double what the original eagle was. This new gold coin helped, in the gold rushes, with larger transactions. The amount of gold coins traders and prospectors had to carry was conveniently cut in half. The $20 Saint-Gaudens double eagle is in jewelry grade condition, which offers the lowest premium of the series. Investors and collectors expect coins, in jewelry grade, to be heavily polished, scratched, cut, or to have intense surface abrasions. The $20 Saint-Gaudens double eagle, in jewelry grade, is only sold for its gold content and will be a common date.

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