Early Gold Bullion $20 Liberty Uncirculated

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    The most difficult condition to get the $20 Liberty double eagle in, brilliant uncirculated double eagles can be a rare find! Since this coin is not a scarce date, collectors and investors are able to save on the lower premium. Our inventory changes daily when it comes to the ungraded pre-1933 gold pieces so dates are not guaranteed. The $20 Liberty double eagle was Congress' answer to the crazy high transactions occurring, from the gold rushes on the west coast. Instead of trading $1, $5, or $10 eagles, the double eagle made it much easier to trade at a higher value. The double eagle earned its nick-name since its denomination was double the regular eagle's legal tender value. The $20 Liberty is in rare brilliant uncirculated condition, shimmering with its original luster and minimum to no wear on the surface.

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