Certified Proof Silver Eagle PF69 2004

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    Reigning as the top best seller of silver bullion, among investors and collectors, the Proof Silver Eagles become even more valuable once they have been certified. Since their debut in 1986, the Proof Silver Eagles have slowly gained some in traction in the coin collecting world. Collectors are realizing the numismatic value of the Proof Silver Eagles is much higher than the Brilliant Uncirculated coins. Proof Silver Eagles take longer and cost more to make, discouraging the mint from producing this coin in high volumes. Whenever a low mintage coin is also certified, that coin's value increases and assures the collector its validity for future trading purposes. In 2004, just above 800,000 proof coins were minted, compared to the 8 million BU coins produced.

    Your Certified Proof Silver Eagle PF69 2004 has earned the ideal grade of PF69, from the top grading agency in the US, NGC. Known worldwide for its intense grading process, NGC is revered for its spot-on grading standards, as well as its popular sleek packaging. Proof Silver Eagles are another great way to invest in the ever-growing market of silver while enjoying highly numismatic coins.

    Coin Highlights
    .999 fine silver
    -PF69 grade
    -NGC certified coin holders
    -Obverse: Lady Liberty is calmly walking across the obverse of this coin while effortlessly holding a bundle of branches. "Liberty," “In God We Trust," and the coin's year of mintage are all stamped onto the obverse.
    -Reverse: The US Coat of Arms is presented on the reverse of every silver eagle. The design consists of a shielded eagle, holding an olive branch and arrows tightly in both of its talons. Across its widespread wings, the infamous Latin phrase, "E pluribus unum," is written on a banner. The coin's purity and authenticity are also included with the national seal.

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    • Year: 2004
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    • Mint Mark: N/A
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    • Grade: N/A

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