Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W PF70 NGC Moy signed

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    The Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W PF70 NGC, bearing the signature of Ed Moy, is a remarkable and highly collectible coin that represents the pinnacle of excellence in numismatics and the enduring allure of gold as a tangible asset. This coin, part of the esteemed American Gold Eagle series, reflects the rich history, artistry, and commitment to quality that have become synonymous with the United States Mint. With a weight of one troy ounce and a purity level of .9167, this certified Proof Gold Eagle is a tangible embodiment of American heritage and financial security.

    The American Gold Eagle series has a storied history that dates back to its inception in 1986. These coins were introduced to provide both investors and collectors with a means of acquiring gold bullion coins that beautifully showcase American artistry and values. The series features iconic designs that pay homage to Lady Liberty and the American bald eagle, symbolizing freedom, liberty, and the strength of the nation.

    The design of the Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W is a masterpiece of numismatic artistry. The obverse of the coin features a stunning rendition of Lady Liberty, originally created by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the double eagle gold coin in 1907. This timeless design captures Lady Liberty with a torch in one hand and an olive branch in the other, walking confidently with the sun's rays behind her. The reverse of the coin showcases a majestic American bald eagle in flight, carrying an olive branch to its nest, symbolizing peace and prosperity. This design, created by artist Miley Busiek, adds a sense of national pride to the coin.

    The United States Mint, responsible for the production of the Certified Proof American Gold Eagle, is one of the world's most respected mints. With a history dating back to the founding of the nation, the mint has consistently upheld high standards of quality and excellence. The Proof Gold Eagles are struck with precision using specially polished dies and planchets to achieve a brilliant, mirror-like finish on the coin's fields and a frosted appearance on the design elements. The "W" mintmark on the coin indicates that it was minted at the West Point Mint, enhancing its collectibility.

    The Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W is produced in limited quantities, contributing to its desirability among collectors. The exact mintage figures may vary from year to year, but these coins are typically struck in relatively low numbers compared to their bullion counterparts, making them highly sought after.

    The coin has a weight of one troy ounce, which is equivalent to approximately 31.1 grams. Its purity level is .9167, which means it contains 91.67% pure gold, with the remainder consisting of copper and silver to enhance durability and resistance to wear. This standard of purity is consistent with the American Gold Eagle series and ensures the coin's authenticity and value.

    Proof coins, such as the Certified Proof American Gold Eagle, are known for their exceptional quality and condition. They are produced using a meticulous minting process that involves multiple strikes with polished dies, resulting in sharp details, mirrored fields, and frosted design elements. The coins are carefully handled and stored to prevent any damage or imperfections, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of numismatic excellence.

    The Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W is encapsulated and certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) with a perfect grade of PF70, signifying its flawless condition. Additionally, this particular coin features the signature of Ed Moy, the former Director of the United States Mint, which adds a unique and historical touch to the coin's provenance.

    The coin is presented in specialized packaging, often a protective display case, along with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). This packaging not only preserves the coin's condition but also provides documentation of its authenticity and provenance. The inclusion of a COA enhances the overall presentation of the coin, making it an ideal choice for collectors and gift-givers.

    The Certified Proof American Gold Eagle $50 2017-W PF70 NGC, bearing the signature of Ed Moy, is a testament to the rich history, artistry, and quality associated with the United States Mint. Its iconic design, exceptional minting process, limited mintage, standardized weight, certified perfect condition, and distinctive packaging make it a highly collectible and cherished addition to any numismatic collection or precious metals portfolio. Whether acquired for its historical significance, beauty, or investment potential, this Proof Gold Eagle encapsulates the enduring allure and intrinsic value of gold as a symbol of American pride and financial security.

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