One Ounce Proof Gold Eagles

One Ounce Proof Gold Eagles

The American Gold Eagle was first released in 1986, wherein the Proof Gold Eagle also made it's debut of 1 oz coins. It wasn't until 1988, that the Proof American Gold Eagle Coin became available in four sizes, like it's BU counterpart: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz. Besides the obvious difference, between the two finishes of the Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof American Gold Eagles, another major difference is the packaging of the coins.

Design of the Proof American Gold Eagles

The obverse follows the artistic design created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, for the $20 Gold Double Eagles, issued from 1907-1933. Saint-Gaudens was exclusively picked by president, Theodore Roosevelt, to design an image that would be a part of US history, while also reinvigorating US gold coinage. The Lady Liberty design has been used as a symbol of patriotism since the US began minting their own currency and her message of courage and power still reigns true. Sculptor, Miley Busiek, reimagined the design of the US American Gold Eagle, while honoring its timeless inspiration.

The reverse displays the emblem of the nation, hand-picked by the Founding Fathers. The bald eagle is the king of the birds of prey and represents fierce beauty, strength, and independence. There are 3 bald eagles represented on the reverse design of the American Gold Eagle. The eagles have made a nest of olive branches and have started reproducing, with an infantile eagle represented under its mother. The coin's weight, purity, and monetary value are written underneath the eagle family.

Differences Between Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof

There are a few differences between the minting of Brilliant Uncirculated coins and Proof coins. One of the most obvious differences, between the two finishes, is the mirror-like surface of the Proof coin and the matted finish of the BU coin. During the minting process, the dies that strike the Proof coins are treated with chemicals, wherein BU dies are not. For Proof coins, the die will strike the coin multiple times, leaving behind a multi-dimensional element and making the design pop out from the surface of the coin. BU coins are only struck one time. Since Proof coins' have a more sensitive surface, handlers ensure to wear white gloves while processing the coins, one at a time, to maintain that perfect glossy finish.

The Proof American Gold Eagles are not minted at the same rate as the brilliant uncirculated coins. BU American Gold Eagles are minted to keep up with demand and their mintages can be extremely high. Proof American Gold Eagles have higher values since they aren't produced at the same rate as BU coins and tend to have much lower mintages. Lastly, the Proof American Gold Eagles' packaging is more aesthetically pleasing than the coin tubes BU American Gold Eagles are packaged in. he coin itself is encased in an appropriately fitted capsule then placed into a velvet presentation box with its Certificate of Authenticity. The presentation box is then protected by an official US Mint cardboard box.

Highest Mintages

Proof American Gold Eagles take longer to make so there are not produced according to the demand in the market. Compared to the Brilliant Uncirculated American Gold Eagles, the Proof versions collectively have much lower mintages each year. Here are the highest minted 1 oz Proof American Gold Eagles in the series.

  • 1986-446,290
  • 1987-147,498
  • 1988-87,133

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