Certified $20 St Gaudens MS61 (Dates Our Choice) PCGS or NGC

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    The $20 St Gaudens double eagle continued the work of the $20 Liberty in 1907 until 1933. The double eagle came at a convenient time for many traders and prospectors involved in the famous California gold rushes. The largest denomination of a gold coin was $10, which wasn't ideal for generous transactions. The result was pockets, full of coins with smaller denominations, creating a dangerous environment when a trader was on the road. Congress finally passed the production of the double eagle, literally doubling the legal tender value of the $10 eagle. Your Certified $20 St Gaudens MS61 is a graded coin, issued by either PCGS or NGC. PCGS and NGC are both highly regarded grading companies, who are known for their impeccably consistent grading methods and excellent sleek packaging. Your Certified $20 St Gaudens MS61 is sold strictly for its grade, not for a specific date.

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