Austrian Gold Philharmonic 1 Ounce - Random Year

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    Beginning in 1989, the Austrian Mint started their Gold Philharmonic series in hopes to honor the greatness that is the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has been around since 1842 and is considered the best in the world. A part from the grueling auditions among the best musicians in Austria, but the orchestra itself is comprised of unique instruments that aren't usually in a regular orchestra. This assortment of instruments lends to a deeper sound, grabbing the attention of music aficionados from all over the globe. The Philharmonic design hasn't changed, presenting the same designs every year. Having designs stay the same doesn't hurt the coin's popularity or collectibility, using the Gold Eagle or Maple Leaf as a prime example.

    Your Austrian Gold Philharmonic Random Year is the first bullion coin, sold in Europe, to have a face value in Euros. The Austrian Mint proudly guarantees this coin is .9999 pure gold. Since we don't sell the coin by its year, the year you will receive will be unknown until it is delivered. Your coin is considered to be brilliantly uncirculated but has an obvious shine that resembles a proof coin. The obverse of bullion coins usually depict the country's leader in a picturesque way but the Philharmonic chose a portrait that means much more, to Austria, than a person ever could. Thomas Pesendorfer was the Austrian artist who designed the Austrian Gold Philharmonic in 1989. The famous pipe organ, that stands in the great hall where the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plays, is displayed on the obverse of every Philharmonic coin. This side also is minted with the Republic of Austria and one ounce of pure gold. The reverse displays an assortment of instruments, used in the beloved orchestra, such as the french horn, harp, violin, flute, and bassoon. Inscribed on the same side is Vienna Philharmonic in a gothic font. Having such a prestigious reputation, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra can be honored in your gold coin collection.

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