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    Gold investors enjoy keeping a diverse gold collection, to increase the value of their investment. In doing so, many mints all over the world have made their one ounce bullion coins into smaller increments as well. This allows the investor the ability to split up their collection, if selling ever becomes an option. The Austrian Mint hoped on board the small denomination train and makes the 1/10 ounce Austrian Philharmonic gold coin. Exhibiting the same design, the 1/10 ounce gold Philharmonic honors the Vienna Orchestra. Ever since 1842, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has been holding grueling auditions for the best musicians in the world. Not only do these musician have to be talented, they also have to flexible when working in the unique concert hall. With outstanding acoustics and a variety of unlikely instruments, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra offers music aficionados an experience that isn't like any else on this earth.

    The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is the first bullion coin, sold in Europe, to have a face value in Euros. The reverse displays an assortment of instruments, used in the beloved orchestra, such as the french horn, harp, violin, flute, and bassoon. The obverse portrays an intricately detailed illustration of the famous pipe organ that graces the concert hall in Vienna with its presence. This pipe organ is just one of the many reasons the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is different from other orchestras.This side also is minted with the Republic of Austria and 1/10 ounce of pure gold. Being the highest minted and most well-known gold coin in Europe, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic has been taking the precious metals market by storm since 1989 and is ready to be added to your prestigious collection. The reputation and flawless craftsmanship are just a couple reasons the Austrian Philharmonic gold coin series is worth every penny.

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