Australian Series II Lunar Gold 20th Ounce 2011 Rabbit

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    The Australian Lunar Series II Gold 1/20 ounce 2011 Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, it gets a lot of positive attention for its place in line and remarkable design. Each year, a new coin with a new animal design is produced to honor the Chinese zodiac calendar, proving collectors something to look forward to on an annual basis. The rabbit is known to be sweet, kind-hearted, and fragile so it is only fitting that those born under the Year of the Rabbit mirror the rabbit's demeanor. People born under the Rabbit year also keep very clean and tidy homes, to the point of being overly obsessive. They also are polite and well mannered, making them pleasant people to be around and giving them many opportunities to make more friends.

    The Australian Lunar Series II Gold 1/20 ounce 2011 Rabbit contains .9999 pure gold and is protected in a mint-sealed capsule. Although the Australian Lunar Series II is considered brilliant uncirculated condition, the Perth Mint remarkably combines those flawless elements with the striking sheen of a proof coin to make the animals stand out of the coin. The magnificent and mature Queen Elizabeth II is displayed on the obverse side of the coin, sitting sideways, regally wearing an elegant crown, and is slightly smirking. The obverse is also stamped with the coin's date of mintage, weight, purity, and place of mintage. The reverse depicts a lone rabbit, foraging among the grass. The Chinese symbol for "rabbit" is included at the top of the coin and "Year of the Rabbit," is written underneath its thumping feet. The Australian Lunar Series II 1/20 ounce Gold collection is a great way to invest in this popular collection without committing to a full ounce of gold.

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