Australian Series II Lunar Gold Tenth Ounce 2011 Rabbit

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    The Perth Mint started the Australian Lunar Series II in 2008 and have continued to produce intricately detailed coins for the series. Each year, a new coin with a new animal design is produced to honor the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Perth Mint only produces a certain amount of the coins every year, making the Series II appealing to coin collectors who enjoy a challenge and wish to diversify their collection. The 2011 Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac calendar and has a reputation of being sweet, kind-hearted, and fragile so it is only fitting that those born under the Year of the Rabbit mirror the rabbit's demeanor. Rabbits also create homes that they dig out of dirt and they are called dens. People born under the Rabbit year also keep very clean and tidy homes.

    The Australian Lunar Series II 1/10 ounce 2011 Gold Rabbit coin is in brilliant uncirculated condition, sparkling with a proof-like shine, while the background presents a frosted, matte finish. The Perth Mint guarantees the coin to be .9999 pure gold and has placed it in a mint-sealed capsule. As per usual, Queen Elizabeth II is displayed on the obverse side of the coin, sitting sideways and regally wearing an elegant crown. The obverse also provides other important coin information, such as place and date of mintage, gold purity and content. The reverse is the design collectors go crazy for. Displayed on the reverse, two rabbits are featured, one being the mother and the other is the baby. As rabbits are known to do, they are quietly enjoying a small meal of grass leaves that are surrounding the animals. The Chinese symbol for "rabbit" is included at the top of the coin and "Year of the Rabbit," is written underneath their thumping feet.

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