90% Silver Mixed Cull Condition 5 Ounces

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    Also known as junk silver, 90% silver is known for its circulated condition coins and is sold strictly for its silver content. There is little to none numismatic value, in junk silver, and that is why it is referred to as "junk." The 90% Silver Mixed Cull Condition 5 Ounces comes in a small plastic bag and can feature an assortment of junk silver. A 5 ounce bag of Mixed Cull can consist of any of the US coinage that contains 90% silver, such as the Morgan and Peace dollars, Barber quarters and dimes, Walking Liberty half dollars, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, etc. Junk silver in cull condition are a grade lower than average 90% coins. Some aspects of the 90% cull that is to be expected is coins containing holes, have been bent or improperly polished, or are incredibly worn with dates unreadable. Mixed culls are solely sold for silver content and do not contain any low mintage dates.

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Customer reviews

★★★★ as described
★★★★★ Great
Awesome way to invest in silver for very little over spot .
★★★★★ Excellent buy for Silver!
This is an excellent product to start in your precious metal collection. I also love the efficient manner in which it was received and delivered to me as well. I will be coming back for more
★★★★★ good bargain!!!
excellent way to purchase end of days coinage !!!
★★★★★ Better than expected
We've never been disappointed in products received from Golden Eagle coins. I love the plain packaging, too!
★★★★★ No silver dollars in this order, but 3 or 4 of the coins were worth the price of the entire lot! I bought bulk silver merely for silver value in case of an economic emergency, but you never know what
★★★★ Product review
Received what I expected.
★★★★★ Surprise included
Even though this was meant for silver content only, one of the dimes had a Carson City "CC" mintmark.; Very Happy