90% Silver bag Walking Liberty Halves VF-XF 2000 pcs.

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    It's important to keep a diverse collection in precious metals and the 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves VF-XF $1000 Face Bag is the perfect start! The 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves $1000 Face Bag is conveniently packaged in a strong canvas bag and will be delivered in one shipment. There are approximately 2,000 pieces in a full bag, weighing at 715 ounces in silver content (this weight does not reflect the total weight of the bag). 90% is often referred to as junk silver, due to the lack of numismatic value of the coins and is not pertaining to the actual condition the coins are in. These Liberty Half Dollars are in much better condition than the typical 90% silver with conditions ranging from Very Fine to Extra Fine. Depending on your investment goals, 90% silver coins are ideal if you ever need to split up the bag for reselling purposes. 90% silver coins are also still recognized as US currency so trading will be easier than pure silver products.

    Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was produced from 1916-1947. After the barrage of the Barber designs on the dime, quarter, and half dollars, the new Mint Engraver, Robert W. Woolley, discovered it was the law to discontinue a coin series after it has been produced for 25 years. Woolley approached the Commission of Fine Arts to hold a competition for the new design on the half dollar and Weinman became the winner of designing the new dime and half dollar. Although the Walking Liberty design is considered one of the most stunning designs in coin history, the design itself was a struggle to strike. After 31 years in production, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar.

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