90% Silver Bag $1000 Face (Our Choice)

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    Consisting of coins only minted from 1964 and before, the 90% Silver Bag $1000 Face (Our Choice) is one of the most economic ways you can invest in silver. More commonly known as "junk silver," 90% silver coins are bought specifically for their silver content. With junk silver, it is fair to expect circulated coins that are still fully intact and dates still readable. The readable dates do not carry any numismatic value, since the low-mintage dates are sold at a higher premium. The word, "junk," is mainly referring to the lack of numismatic value of the coins and not the actual condition the coins are in. Among the most collected 90% silver coins are the Kennedy and Franklin Half dollars, the Washington Quarters, the Roosevelt and Mercury dimes. Other 90% coins that are sold for their numismatic value are the Morgan silver dollar, the Peace dollar, the Barber Half dollar, the Barber Quarter, and the Standing Liberty Quarter.

    All 90% $1000 Face Silver Bags weigh approximately 715 ounces of silver. This weight contains the silver content and does not reflect the total weight of the bag. Since we are a main supplier of the 90% silver, our inventory changes on a daily basis. If you are looking for a particular denomination, such as quarters, dimes, etc., we sell those bags at the appropriate premium. If you are mainly just looking to invest in 90% and do not have a preference of denomination, then the Our Choice bag is for you! Sold at the lowest premium we offer for the 90% $1000 Face bags, the Our Choice bags are not mixed and will only contain one denomination. The denomination selected for your bag is decided upon our inventory at the time of processing your order. The 90% Silver Bag $1000 Face (Our Choice) is the most popular bag we sell and at such a reasonable premium, it is no surprise the reason why!

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