40% Silver Half Bag Kennedy Halves $500 Face (1000pcs.)

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    Within hours of his death, mint director, Eva Adams, was already consulting her Chief Engraver about a John. F. Kennedy coin. Ideally, this coin would be one of the larger coins the US Mint makes, such as a silver dollar, half dollar, or quarter. Requested by the newly widowed first lady, JFK would be the face on the new half dollar, replacing Benjamin Franklin instead of George Washington. The next step would entail a design that would honor the late president, appease the first lady, and be easy to make into a die. The Chief Engraver, Gilroy Roberts, had previously met with JFK concerning medals that his portrait would be on. Roberts used the designs the president himself approved, to create a brand new design. Again, Jacqueline Kennedy would be the second to last voice of approval for this new half dollar design. Although she had wished Kennedy's face was pictured front on. instead of the side profile, she agreed to let it pass and be made into the new coin. The Kennedy half dollar would only have a 90% silver content for one year, before its alloy was changed to 40% silver and a nickel-copper combination.

    The 40% Silver Half Kennedy Halves Bag $500 Face is packaged in a canvas bag and contains 1,000 Kennedy half dollars. The Kennedy half dollars have always been tightly circulated and hard to come across most of the time. They are still being minted today but in smaller increments and only for collection purposes, not to be placed into circulation. With one of the best premiums we have to offer, the 40% Silver Half Kennedy Halves Bag $500 Face is convenient for both the investor and the collector. Don't miss the chance of enjoying these historical yet investment worthy coins!

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