40% Silver Bag Kennedy Halves $1000 Face (2000pcs.)

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    To honor the newly assassinated president, the mint director at the time, Eva Adams, decided to make a coin with JFK's portrait. Adams desired to put Kennedy's face on the silver dollar, half dollar, or quarter dollar. After discussing plans with the Chief Engraver and the first Lady, the trio decided to move forward with the half dollar being dedicated to the late president. Replacing Benjamin Franklin on the half dollar, Jacqueline Kennedy didn't want her husband to replace the nation's first president, George Washington. Using previous designs from medals that featured JFK on the obverse, the Chief Engraver needed the design's final approval by the late president's widow. Mrs. Kennedy wanted a full frontal portrait of her husband, not a side profile, but since the coin was going to be issued soon, the side profile was faster to duplicate.

    The 40% Silver Kennedy Halves $1000 Face Bag is packaged in a canvas bag, containing 2,000 Kennedy Half Dollars. The only Kennedy half dollars that were 90%, were the ones minted in the first year of issue in 1964. From 1965-1969, the Kennedy half dollar's silver content decreased to 40% before losing its silver altogether. Nowadays, the Kennedy half dollar is minted in very small amounts and are mainly for collectors. Not only do these half dollars commemorate an outstanding president, they also make a very wise investment when it comes to silver. Investors, who enjoy 40% Kennedy half dollars, keep a diverse collection so all of their investment eggs aren't in one basket. Kennedy half dollars contain 40% silver but are also recognized currency for future trading. In the 40% Silver Kennedy Halves $1000 Face Bag, all Kennedy half dollars are in circulated condition, with present wear, but all dates are still very readable.

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