Canadian Silver 1 oz Bald Eagle 2014 (Birds of Prey Series)

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  • Description:

    The Royal Canadian Mint has its standard series, such as the silver Maple Leaf, that brings in a constant flow of interest. But to keep collectors and investors anticipating something new, the Canada-based mint also produces coin series that are a limited time only. Their incredibly popular Wildlife series included two new coin releases a year for three years. It not only gave seasoned collectors something new to collect but it also gave something to look forward throughout the year, not just one time in the year. Each newly released coin also had a lower mintage, thus luring in collectors and investors alike to consider this short-lived series. The Royal Canadian Mint is back at it with the Birds of Prey series but this time, it's only for two years. Already released, in this series, is the Peregrine Falcon, and now the Bald Eagle.

    The Bald Eagle has always been held to high esteem since the beginning of civilization. It is the ultimate bird of prey, remaining at the top of the bird food chain. Societies have long used the eagle as a symbol of power and authority. Especially in the US, the bald eagle has remained on its currency and silver dollars for hundreds of years. This silver coin is guaranteed, by a one hundred year old mint, to contain .999 pure silver, is in brilliant uncirculated, and is available in tubes of 25.

    Coin Highlights
    -.9999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated
    -Packaged in coin flip
    -Obverse: An effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is pictured on the obverse, along with the coin's date of mintage.
    -Reverse: The Bald Eagle is gracefully depicted, on the reverse, gliding through its natural terrain. Its wings are spread wide, as it effortlessly sails through the clear sky. The coin's weight and authenticity are also included with the king of the birds.

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    • Year: 2014
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    • Mint Mark: N/A
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