2015 Canadian Silver $8 Polar Bear and Cub 1.5 Ounces

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    The 2015 Polar Bear 1.5oz silver bullion coin is nothing short of the excellent minting standards at the Royal Canadian Mint! The Royal Canadian Mint has held the leader position of being one of the most progressive mints in the US. As much as they take perfecting their minting process seriously, they also try to constantly improve the validation of their coins, in hopes of making counterfeiting impossible for their coins. The new Polar Bear coin contains radial lines, on both the reverse and obverse, which accomplishes two important things. The addition of the radial lines makes the beautifully brilliant uncirculated finish stand out and it enhances protection against fraud.

    The 2015 Polar Bear weighs 1.5oz of pure silver bullion and carries a legal tender value of 8 dollars in Canada. Its thickness is approximately 4.5 millimeters and its diameter is 38 millimeters. These coins are shipped in mint-sealed tubes of 15 and are ready to be shipped to their permanent home. It is now your turn for investing in the coins of the future so coin counterfeiting will be a thing of the past!

    Coin Highlights
    -.9999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -1.5 oz of silver
    -Obverse: The obverse design gives honor and respect to Queen Elizabeth II, whose image is placed on all currency in the Commonwealth of Nations.
    -Reverse: The reverse reveal a protective mother polar bear, taking an icy cold stroll with her young. Their natural habitat is depicted as snow-covered glaciers. The coin's weight and purity are both etched into the reverse design, proving their validity by the Royal Canadian Mint.

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    • Year: 2015
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