2013 Australia 1/2 oz Silver Lunar Snake

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    The Perth Mint started the Australian Lunar Series to celebrate the Chinese zodiac calendar, which is an ancient system connecting animals and humans to birth years. This calendar is known to tell the fortune of a person, depending on the year they were born into. Being nothing short of amazing detail and great quality from the Perth Mint, these pure silver snake coins come in brilliant uncirculated condition and are delivered encapsulated from the mint. Just under 161,000 half ounce snake coins were produced in 2013, intriguing coin collectors and silver investors to consider this remarkable collection.

    Although it tends to have a negative connotation, the snake is actually celebrated in the Chinese culture. They even consider it good luck to find a snake in your garden! Many ancient symbols included a snake wrapped around a rabbit. This symbol is still used and means good fortune and wealth. Those born under the year of the snake are good communicators, have wisdom beyond their years, and are good at socializing.

    The obverse design of this silver coin depicts an older Queen Elizabeth II in all of her glory. She is beautifully designed and shaded, enhancing her best features. Her beautiful, curly hair strongly withholds a heavy, elegant crown and her lips are slightly parted, insinuating a slight smile. Joining the Queen are the inscribed words, "Australia," "2013," "50 cents," and "1 oz .999 silver," to prove the coin's purity. The reverse design hones in on a curious and frightening snake, perfectly coiled around a tree branch. Since snakes use their tongues as a way to smell, this snake's thin slithering tongue is exposed. The Chinese symbol for "snake" is included on the reverse, along with the words, "Year of the Snake," and the Perth Mint's mark "P." This silver snake is an exquisite coin and is ready to be a part of your silver collection!

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