2001 Australia 1/20 oz Gold Lunar Snake

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    The snake contains a double meaning when looking at it through the Chinese Zodiac scope. Snakes that are discovered in one's garden usually means delight is brought to that household. But the snake when viewing the year of the snake for the calendar, the snake represents malice, immaturity, and mystery. The snake is not as esteemed as other animals in the Chinese calendar but it is still of importance that it is included at all. One popular Chinese tradition is to paint a snake, wrapped around a rabbit, onto the door of all the houses. This symbol is meant to bring wealth to those households. People born under the Year of the Snake tend to be financially secure, wise, and are good at communicating whenever they feel it's right.

    The reverse of the coin reveals a female snake protecting her nest of hatching eggs. The reverse also bears the coin's year of mintage, weight, and purity for authentication purposes. The obverse of the silver coin displays the famous Ian Rank-Broadly portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, highlighting the Queen's more mature and beautiful features. He believed the Queen's age is not something that should be hidden but rather, celebrated. She sits at a side angle, just enough of her lips are drawn to indicate a smile. The 2001 Australia 1/20 oz Gold Lunar Snake comes encased in a capsule and is in brilliant uncirculated condition.

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    • Year: 2001
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