1997 Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz Uncirculated

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    Straight from the Royal Canadian Mint, the silver Maple Leaf collection is guaranteed to be .9999 pure silver, not the usual .999; this increase in purity results in a softer metal and a softer coin. We store our Maple Leaf coins properly so when you receive them, you can be rest assured there will be no scratches or tarnishing. The only major complaint any collector has with the Maple Leaf coins is the milk spots. A milk spot is a baked-in blemish that has a white appearance. This occurs in the minting process when a coin is cleaned with a detergent, the detergent isn't removed and is sent to the annealing furnace. The milk spots do not affect the overall value of the coin but tend to be an annoyance for collectors when trying to complete a collection. Luckily, there haven't been many cases of milk spots on the maple leaf coins from 1997, due to the government mint-sealed packaging.

    Canada has long celebrated the maple leaf and has adopted it as a symbol for the nation. The national flag features a maple leaf, as well as the emblem for their police forces. In honoring this classic symbol, the Royal Canadian Mint has placed a maple leaf on Canada's silver dollar. The reverse reveals a delicately illustrated maple leaf, freshly plucked from its tree, its veins still plump with water. The coin's weight and purity are also stated on the reverse for validity purposes. The Royal Canadian Mint hasn't changed their original design of the coins since the first year of mintage in 1988. The obverse design includes an apathetic Queen Elizabeth II, wearing her not so casual crown of royalty. The obverse is also stamped with the coin's denomination and year of mintage. The 1997 silver Maple Leaf coins are one of the lowest years minted at a whopping 100,970!

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    • Denomination: $5
    • Year: 1997
    • Diameter: N/A
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: 3.29 mm
    • Grade: N/A