Other Silver Libertads

Other Silver Libertads

Minted fresh out of the oldest mint in the Americas, the Mexican Libertads make quite a statement in the silver bullion coin world. The Mexican Mint has been in business for over 500 years and is still a leader in producing national modern currency. The ruler of Mexico, at the time, was Antonio de Mendoza. Antonio was a Spaniard who issued a decree under the Spanish Crown to establish the first mint in the Americas. Oddly enough, that mint has been producing coins ever since to commemorate Mexico's liberation from Spain. The Mexican Libertads are considered pure silver bullion and with the varying mintages, their numismatic value draws in coin collectors from all over the world.

Design of the Silver Mexican Libertad

The reverse design of the coin is of a lone eagle, fiercely attacking a snake with its peak, all while single-handedly balancing on a prickly pear cactus. The obverse of the coin is of the magnificent goddess, Victoria, who symbolizes victory and independence. She stands alone on a pillar, delicately balancing with one foot raised. Her arms are open and inviting and her wings extend to almost the top of the coin. She is half-dressed in a shimmering drape and has a warm expression on her face. Mentioned on the obverse is the coin's purity and year of mintage. Also, the Mexican Mint's mintmark, "MO," is inscribed next to the winged Victoria's head. The volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl, are featured on the obverse as well. These volcanoes foresee the Mexican land and represent unending love. Once thought of as lovers who were turned into mountains, these volcanoes are still active to this day proving their passion is unending.

Size options for the Silver Mexican Libertad

In 1982, the first 1oz Silver Mexican Libertad was produced. Ten years later, the 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, and 1/20oz were first minted. In 1996, the 2oz and 5oz were added to the Silver Mexican Libertad series. The Silver Mexican Libertad series offers a wide variety of denominations in both Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof condition

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