One Ounce Gold Bars

One Ounce Gold Bars

The One Ounce Gold Bars are among the most popular weight that we sell for gold bars. As you will see, we have quite the offering for the One Ounce Gold Bars, including highly-trusted brandnames.

It is important to note that all of the One Ounce Gold Bars we sell are considered minted ingots. Minted ingots contain a more complicated process and resulting in a much more refined product. Large cast bars are fed into a stamping press that is digitally maneuvered and will cut the bars into the size/weight that is programmed. This technique lends to the minted ingots' smooth surface and well-defined edges. Minted ingots are also sealed in protective packaging and an assay card that reflects the bar's purity, weight, and metal content.

Types of One Ounce Gold Bars

  • Random Manufacturer- Our Random Manufacturer option offers investors the guarantee of .9999 pure gold without the high premium. Since the offered selection is dependent on our inventory, we are able to extend our convenience to you with a lower cost over the market price of gold. It is important to note that although we guarantee the Random Manufacturer bars to be .9999 pure gold, we cannot guarantee their packaging and if their assay card is attached.
  • Pamp Suisse- Pamp Suisse produces mostly minted ingots with brilliant visual finishes that are protected in their sealed packaging with the assay card included. This refinery offers several intricate designs but the most popular is their iconic design of Lady Fortuna.
  • Perth Mint- The Perth Mint gold bars boast of the country's infamous outback and wildlife. The Perth Mint only makes minted ingots that include a swan on the front and the beloved kangaroos on the back. The gold bars contain sharp edges and the bar itself comes in tamper-proof packaging with the assay card.
  • Royal Canadian Mint- Among the few sovereign mints that also produce gold bullion bars. Investors flock to anything made at RCM, due to their .99999 purity of their entire bullion lines, both gold and silver.
  • Credit Suisse- A brand most gold investors are more than familiar with since the company is one of the oldest precious metals refinery in the world.

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  • Gold Bars have been an industry standard for Gold Bullion investors. Gold bars come in all different sizes from 1 gram all the way up to 100 Ounces. These products generally trade at a low premium ... (more)

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  • Orders of 25 or more come in sealed cartons. The Perth mint 1 ounce gold bars gracefully frame an elegant swan on the front, with kangaroos decorating the reverse, a symbol of Australia?s outback, ... (more)

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  • One of our most popular products, the PAMP Suisse 1 ounce .9999 pure gold bars come straight from the refinery. Established in 1977, the PAMP Suisse independently refines, assays, packages, and ... (more)

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