PAMP Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bar - Lakshmi

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    As if the Lady Fortuna design wasn't enough, Pamp Suisse has stepped up their gold bar design game and are introducing a new line of gold bars. Each bar represents a religion, whether it's a symbol or a portrait, for several different regions. Pamp is known for excellently packaging their products, each in a sealed assay card that not only protects the bar but also lists the bar's information such as serial number, gold purity, etc. The assay card is already sealed but contains a thin film that can be easily removed and won't comprise the bar whatsoever. Although, the bar itself also contains its authenticity information, such as one ounce .9999 pure gold, it is recommended not to remove the bar from its assay card unless you don't wish to sell it.

    Lakshmi is one of many gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. She is a beautiful goddess who symbolizes prosperity, wealth, love, and the manifestation of beauty. The goddess contains four hands, each representing goals to be attained in human life: dharma, kama, artha, and moksha. Each of these concepts cannot be translated into single word translations, since they are more ideas than actual things. Kama represents longing and desire, dharma is virtue and morality, moksha represents self-actualization, and artha is security of income. All of these are goals that are to be sought after without sacrificing the other three goals. Lakshmi is elegantly illustrated on the Pamp Suisse one ounce bar, with all four arms intact, and she is placed in a Lotus flower. The goddess is usually presented with the Lotus, which in itself represents something beautiful can grow, regardless of its circumstances. The Pamp Suisse one ounce bar is guaranteed to be 24 karat gold, molded into a clean-cut bar that is packaged in its assay card. Your gold bar collection just became a lot more interesting!

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