Buying Gold & Silver in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is buried deep in the northern part of the country, nestled against the border of Canada. It has a background in the Scandinavian regions in Europe, a those eerily settlers may have simply crossed the top of the globe during exploration and make camp in a land which would eventually become the United States of America. It is border by Lake Michigan, with along eastern coastline, as well as Lake Superior in the north. In the Great Lakes region, it is only second to Michigan in terms of lake coastlines. It has a diverse terrain and landscape. The winters can be brutal, and the summers stifling. As you progress north you will encounter hills and lakes, with higher elevations, while the south is mostly plains and lowlands.

The economy is based on its agriculture and farming industries. It is known as America’s Dairyland because it is one of the biggest producers of dairy products in the country. It is especially well known for its production of cheese. Its rabid sports fans often wear a hat made of a cheese wedge, creating cheeseheads. They root for their professional teams like the Green Bay Packers, but also just as crazy for their college teams like the University of Wisconsin. The state has also thrived in the exportation of beer. In Milwaukee there have been a number of breweries, especially Pabst Blue Ribbon, which have thrived throughout the years.

The residents of the state are hard working, blue collar laborers who know the value of money. They understand that you need to wisely invest you hard earned paycheck so that you can have a safe and secure financial future. They must invest in an area that will offer some positive returns so they can have stability. They could invest in real estate, as wide open lands are normal in the state. However, the recent collapse of the housing market has led to confusion in the valuation process of property, making nay investment a risky proposition. They could send their money to the brokers and bankers on Wall Street, but there is still a lack of confidence in our financial institutions generated from the economic down turn of the last decade. The solution may be to purchase silver and gold.

Bullion Sales Tax in Wisconsin

Any transaction in gold and silver may be subjected to a sale and use tax. Under Wisconsin tax laws and regulations,, there is a state wide sales tax of 5%. The local municipalities add very little additional tax, so that the sales tax rate in the state ranges from 5% to 5.6%. In Wisconsin, most transaction involving precious metals are taxed the full rate, with no exemptions. The law specifically states all bullion is subject to sales tax, along with coins sold as collector items. If the coins or other legal tender are sold for face value, there is no sales tax. In addition, if bullion is purchased outside the state and stored outside the state, there is no sales tax.

Golden Eagle Coins, being an out of state retailer, does NOT have to charge sales tax to Wisconsin residents. Browse our selection of tax-free gold and silver products. Please take note that we are not experts on tax issues, and you may be liable to pay local Use tax. Please contact your local tax professional for more information.

Local Coin Shops in Wisconsin

Avenue Coins
303 E. College Ave.
Appleton WI 54911

Phone numbers:
(1) 920-209-1967
(1) 920-731-4740

W.I. Numismatics
4633 S 108th St
Greenfield WI 53228

Phone numbers:
(1) 414-423-7925
(1) 414-423-7925

Fox Valley Coin Exchange
103 E. Kimberly Ave.
Kimberly WI 54136

Phone numbers:
(1) 920-731-5451
(1) 920-759-5058
(1) 920-788-3792

River City Gold & Silver Exchange
316 4th Street South
LaCrosse WI 54601

Phone numbers:
(1) 608-782-7541
(1) 608-785-2646

China Mint Coins, LLC
P.O Box 44388
Madison WI 53744

Phone numbers:
(1) 608-695-0285

Gerald J. Franz
P.O. Box 44122
Madison WI 53744-4122

Phone numbers:
(1) 608-273-8886
(1) 608-273-8886

Jim's Coins & Stamps
702 North Midvale Blvd.
Madison WI 53705

Phone numbers:
(1) 608-233-2118
(1) 608-233-0175

Central Wisconsin Coin Co, Inc.
P.O. Box 266
231 S. Central Avenue
Marshfield WI 54449-2829

Phone numbers:
(1) 715-387-2440
(1) 715-384-9785

Oak Creek Currency & Coin Association
616 East Ryan Road
P.O. Box 31
Oak Creek WI 53154-4540

Phone numbers:
(1) 414-762-6710
(1) 414-762-6711

Derzon Coins, Inc.
2069 South 108th Street
West Allis WI 53227-1103

Phone numbers:
(1) 414-543-8833
(1) 414-543-2014