Buying Gold & Silver in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a one of the original 13 colonies of the United States of America. It was home to such great luminaries as Benjamin Franklin John Dickinson, and Benjamin Rush, all crucial participants during the American Revolutionary period. The center of the American political world during the late 1700s was Philadelphia, The Continental Congress was held in what is known now as Independence Hall. The Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United States were all signed in the state of Pennsylvania. It as the sight of one of the worst battles in the American Civil War, as well as one of the greatest speeches in the history of American politics. Both of these events took place at Gettysburg, the battle followed by President Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address, in which the President reinforced human equality and the freedoms of all mankind.

These connections with American Politics continue to the present day. Pennsylvania is considered a vital state in the election for any President. In fact, the last few contested presidential elections have come down to whether or not the person could capture the electoral votes from Pennsylvania. This was very important during President George W. Bush’s victories and President Obama’s 2008 victory. As the country remains divided between republican and democrats, there are only a small handful of states that will decide major elections, and Pennsylvania remains one of the biggest.

Another consistent attribute of Pennsylvania is the makeup of its residents. They are hardworking blue collar laborers. From the cities of Allentown and Bethlehem in the Northeast to Pittsburgh in the Southwest, these workers have toiled in factories for years, especially the mills in Pittsburgh. The iron and steel production was a huge staple of the economy in the state for decades. It is this determined mentality and salt of the earth drive that symbolizes the courageous and heroic nature of the residents of the state. These attributes lend themselves to self awareness when it comes to their hard earned money.

The residents of the sate know they have to look for smart and profitable investments in order to secure their financial future. They could send their money to the greedy brokers on Wall Street, but the level of trust in the financial institutions of our country is so low that turning over control of their money is not an option. They could invest in real estate but the recent crisis in housing has lead to a lack of confidence in the valuation of property. The best option may be to invest in gold and silver. However, it is important to note that there may be added expenses when making purchases of precious metals.

Bullion Sales Tax in Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania tax laws and regulations,, there is a state wide sales tax of 6%, with additional taxes of up to 2% possible in some locales. There is an exemption for purchase of coins and bullion, as long as the value is based on the metal content and not the form of the product.

Golden Eagle Coins, being an out of state retailer, does NOT have to charge sales tax to Pennsylvania residents. Browse our selection of tax-free gold and silver products. Please take note that we are not experts on tax issues, and you may be liable to pay local Use tax. Please contact your local tax professional for more information.