Buying Gold & Silver in Missouri

As you fly into St Louis you cannot help but notice the imposing architectural structure known as the gateway to the west, the arch. Missouri is a state with much historical a significance. In the early 1800s President Thomas Jefferson engineered the Louisiana Purchase, and the present day state was part of the Missouri territory. It was a steeping off point for any explorations into the great unknown which was the west. The Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail, and the Pony Express all had their origins within the borders of the state. During the contentious American Civil war, numerous battles were raged on its lands, resulting in devastating damage and loss of life. It has the distinction of being an intersecting point for the three main rivers in the United States. Near St. Louis, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers collided, while in the southeastern part of the state, called the boot heel, the Ohio River and the Mississippi River come together. The northern part of the state has vast plains and lowlands, while in the south rise the Ozark Mountains. Over the years, many industries have grown, including beer. Budweiser was a mainstay of the local economy for decades.

In order to protect the historical plains, farms, and industry in the state, the residents understand the need to be prudent with their investments. The downturn in the economy has hit the local regions of the sate just as hard as the rest of the nation. Residents need to find a wise investment tool so they can protect their financial future. It is crucial they invest in areas which will yield stable and secure economic growth so that all contingencies are covered no matter what occurs in the future. The recent housing market collapse has made investments in real estate a tricky proposition as property has been overvalued and no market correction has occurred to make it a profitable venture to own land. The stock market is alluring, especially with all the records being set, however it is still an unpredictable thing when attempting to select the right company to invest in at the right time. There may be an answer in gold and silver.

Bullion Sales Tax in Missouri

Gold and silver are a worthwhile investment, or at the very least worth a good investigation to assess the potential for a viable investment, over the last few decades gold and silver have risen in value rapidly, creating a stable and secure investment tool. However, in Missouri, like other states, if you make a purchase of precious metals you may be subject to sales and use tax. Under Missouri state tax law,, there is a state wide sales tax of 4.225%, and an additional 1% to 4% added by local municipalities. It is very wide ranging so make sure to check your local rules and regulations before making any purchases. Fortunately, for the sale and purchase of gold and silver bullion, coins, collectibles, and currency, there is a complete exemption from sales tax. Therefore, all purchases of precious metals will be tax free, regardless of amount or form of the metal.

Golden Eagle Coins, being an out of state retailer, does NOT have to charge sales tax to Missouri residents. Browse our selection of tax-free gold and silver products. Please take note that we are not experts on tax issues, and you may be liable to pay local Use tax. Please contact your local tax professional for more information.