Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1946-D AU

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    The Walking Liberty Half Dollar featured the first design, in half dollar history, to depict Liberty's full body. Since Lady Liberty was inspired by the Greek goddess, she is oftentimes depicted as such. On the preceding half dollars, Liberty's facial portrait was constantly being reinvented but nobody dared to adapt her body onto a coin. The Walking Liberty has inspired many designs through the years and more recently, the American Silver Eagle. Adolph A. Weinman was the German-American sculptor, who designed the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Mercury Dime. Weinman desired to portray Liberty as youthful and showing her as the Grecian goddess that inspired her for US currency was the way to celebrate her youth. Her slender body is delicately draped by a robe, with her one arm holding a bundle of olive branches and the other outstretched. The sun rises in the background and the date of mintage is under Liberty's sandaled feet. A large eagle is perched on the reverse design, along with the coin's denomination.

    When the Denver Mint was the second youngest mint to be built in 1906, it had no idea it would hold the title of lead coin producer a century later. In 1946, the Denver Mint produced a large amount of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, lending to an accessible and affordable coin for everyone. The 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar is in almost uncirculated condition, exhibiting unnoticeable wear but with the main image details still intact. Since the Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 90% silver, they will tarnish over time but the tarnish can easily be removed. Due to the 90% content, the Walking Liberty Half Dollars are also popular among silver investors since the 90% silver is dwindling.

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