Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945-S G-VG

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    The 1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar has an average mintage and carries the "S" mint-mark. Considered to be in good to very good condition, the 1945-S Walking Liberty exhibits an extreme amount of wear, on both sides of the coin, especially where Lady Liberty is concerned. Although good to very good is one of the lowest grades a coin can be, it still has a readable date. Like all 90% silver coins, the 1945-S Walking Liberty is subject to naturally tarnish over time and does not affect the overall value of the coin, just the appearance and can easily be removed. The San Francisco Mint also holds a large amount of history, since it still produces coins currently. When the California Gold Rushes were happening, the US needed a mint on the West-Coast to help turn the gold into coins. The San Francisco Mint was the solution and outgrew its first building in just the first year of production.

    Adolph A. Weinman was the German-American sculptor chosen to redesign the half dollar and the dime after the reign of the Barber design. Weinman is also responsible for the Mercury dime and other commemorative coin designs throughout the US. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was produced from 1916-1947 and is still known to be one of the most stunning pieces every created by the US Mint. Even though it was minted for over 30 years, it gave the mint great trouble where the die was concerned. A less detailed and easier to strike Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar replaced the Walking Liberty. The modern American Silver Eagle bullion coin was inspired by the Walking Liberty and is admired by collectors and investors universally.

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