Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945-S BU

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    The infamous San Francisco Mint, which is dated all the way back to the California gold rushes, is one of those mints. This west coast-based mint was established to help prospectors turn their mined treasure into currency. In just its first year in production, the San Francisco Mint turned $4 million worth of gold into coins! Of course, it was also a part of popular silver coin series, such as the Morgan and the Walking Liberty. The 1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted by the San Francisco Mint and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. Collectors expect no wear, on brilliant uncirculated coins, but do expect a shine that goes from rim to rim. To ensure proper protection during shipment, all single coins are placed into individual coin flips.

    When the Walking Liberty Half Dollars were first conceived, they replaced the Barber design empire. The Mint Director, at the time, had learned that you can only change a coin's design every 25 years and the Barber design had just celebrated its birthday. Reaching out the local artists, the Mint Director found Adolph A. Weinman, who was chosen to design the new half dollar and dime. To this day, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar is known to be one of the most beautiful coins in history and is a favorite among collectors.On the obverse of Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Liberty is depicted as the Grecian goddess she is. She is delicately draped in a light-weight robe, her feet sandaled, and her arm is holding olive branches. The rising sun encroaches behind her, while the word "Liberty" hangs over her head. Underneath her feet is also the coin's date of mintage. The reverse reveals a large eagle, perched on a branch. Along with its outstretched wings, the coin's denomination is also inscribed on the reverse.

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    • Year: 1945
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