Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1939-D AU

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    Lady Liberty has become a muse to US currency, constantly being updated in her appearance on the coinage. Picturing just her portrait became a trend until a German-American sculptor changed the trend forever. When the Mint Director, Robert W. Woolley, was allowed to change the design for the Barber half dollar, quarter, and dime, he opted to turn to the Commission of Fine Arts for a winner. Adolph A. Weinman not only won the competition but walked away with a deal to design both the new half dollar and dime. Weinman desired to portray Liberty as youthful on both coins and her depiction is stunning on the Walking Liberty.

    Mainly catching the coattails of other successful coin series, the Denver Mint was able to fully participate in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar collection from start to finish, since it has been a working mint for ten years. Marking all of their coins with the "D" mint-mark, the Denver Mint stands today as the leading coin producer in the world and was established in 1906. The 1939-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar is part of a hefty mintage and is in almost uncirculated condition. Collectors enjoy the AU half dollars since they are very close to BU coins but are slightly lower in price. AU coins tend to have a very small amount of wear, sometimes unnoticeable. The 1939-D Walking Liberty will be packaged in an appropriate coin flip to protect its perfect sheen.

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    • Year: 1939
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