Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1939 Extra Fine

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    Adolph A. Weinman was the sculptor behind the stunning Liberty design and was assigned the task of changing the dime's design as well. Both of Weinman's designs have gone down in history as some of the most successful designs and are still widely collected among serious collectors nationwide. Since Lady Liberty was inspired by the Greek goddess, she is oftentimes depicted as such. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar featured the first design, in half dollar history, to depict Liberty's full body. On the preceding half dollars, Liberty's facial portrait was constantly being reinvented but nobody dared to adapt her body onto a coin. The Walking Liberty has inspired many designs through the years and more recently, the American Silver Eagle. The 1939 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is in extra fine condition and is a part of an average mintage. Coins in extra fine condition barely contains any wear and is a popular condition for collectors.

    In 1792, the Philadelphia Mint opened its doors and hasn't closed them since, participating in hundred of successful coin collections. The Philadelphia Mint was conceived by the Founding Fathers, when the US desired to establish their own means to international commerce. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the capital of the US, at the time, and became ground zero for all things coin and currency related. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar series still holds the title as one of the most popular series in history and is continuously admired by collectors and investors as the years pass. Investors are after the Half Dollars' 90% silver content but still enjoy the beauty of the design.

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    • Year: 1939
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