Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1937-D AU

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    The 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar contains a pretty low mintage, compared to the millions of the other mintages, but is available in all grades. Considered to be in almost uncirculated condition, the 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar exhibits slight wear, and is lacking the original shine. The 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar contains the "D" mint-mark and will be packaged in a coin flip to ensure protection. Since the Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 90% silver, they will tarnish over time if not stored in an airtight container. Although the Walking Liberty design has become quite common today, it wasn't always that way. In fact, most depictions of Liberty used to entail just her head, leaving out her entire body. When Adolph A. Weinman was asked to create a new design for the half dollar, he surprised everyone with a new and updated design. Instead of Liberty stiffly posing for a portrait, she is roaming free wearing only a light-weight robe. She holds olive branches as she invites warriors to join her in battle. This elevated version of Liberty is still considered one of the most stunning renditions of all time. The reverse pictures an eagle, perched with its wings outstretched.

    Since the Denver Mint was established much later than the other mints, its participation in major coin collections was limited causing collectors to put any silver coin with a "D" mint-mark at the top of their collecting list. The Denver Mint stands today as the lead coin producer in the world.

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    • Year: 1937
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