Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1935 G-VG

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    There were large amounts of 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollars minted in 1935, due to the lack of the Philadelphia Mint's participation in the middle of the series. The 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar is in good to very good condition, exhibiting severe wear on the coin but still has a readable date. The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted from 1916-1947, before being replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar. At the time, it was the law to wait 25 years before designing a new coin. The Barber design was well over 25 years old, allowing the Mint Director to change the design on all denominations. Weinman is also known for his Mercury dime design, which was minted around the same time as the Walking Liberty. Nowadays, the Walking Liberty is one of the most popular coin collections, among experienced collectors, for its beauty and numismatic value. The obverse portrays Lady Liberty as a Grecian goddess, holding one arm in invitation and the other occupied with olive branches. The date of mintage is inscribed in a small font underneath Liberty's sandaled feet. The reverse reveals a prominent American Bald Eagle, perched on a branch, with wings outstretched. The coin's denomination is also placed under the eagle's talons.

    The Philadelphia Mint participated in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar production, after the Barber design was discontinued. Adolph A. Weinman was the sculptor who won a competition and was allowed to design the new dime and half dollar. The Walking Liberty design has gone down in history as one of the most stunning coins to ever be minted. But it definitely wasn't the easiest. After 30 years of serving as US half dollar, the Walking Liberty was retired, due to its die difficulties.

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