Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1934 BU

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    Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was produced from 1916-1947. After the barrage of the Barber designs on the dime, quarter, and half dollars, the new Mint Engraver, Robert W. Woolley, discovered it was the law to discontinue a coin series after it has been produced for 25 years. Woolley approached the Commission of Fine Arts to hold a competition for the new design on the half dollar and Weinman became the winner of designing the new dime and half dollar. Although the Walking Liberty design is considered one of the most stunning designs in coin history, the design itself was a struggle to strike. After 31 years in production, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar.

    The 1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted in the middle of the coin series and was abundantly produced. Considered to be in brilliant uncirculated condition, the 1934 Walking Liberty exhibits a brilliant shine, rim to rim, with no signs of wear on both sides of the coin. Collectors enjoy the higher minted coins in BU, since they tend to have lower premiums and are more abundant than the scarcer dates. The 1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted at the Philadelphia Mint but carries no mint-mark. The Philadelphia Mint was conceived by the Founding Fathers, when the US desired to establish their own means to international commerce. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was the capital of the US, at the time, and became ground zero for all things coin and currency related. In 1792, the Philadelphia Mint opened its doors and hasn't closed them since. The 1934 Walking Liberty will be packaged in a coin flip to ensure proper protection during shipment.

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