US Commemorative Roanoke Half Dollar 1937 MS67+ NGC

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    The US Commemorative Roanoke Half Dollar from 1937, graded as MS67+ by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), is a numismatic masterpiece that commemorates a significant moment in American history. This coin is not only a testament to historical events but also a showcase of exceptional craftsmanship and preservation. With its fascinating history, exquisite design, and outstanding condition, it stands as a highly coveted collectible in the world of numismatics.

    The Roanoke Half Dollar was issued to mark the 350th anniversary of the birth of Virginia Dare, the first child born to English parents in the New World. Virginia Dare's birth took place on Roanoke Island, a location of great historical significance in the early colonization of North America.

    The obverse of the coin features a regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, who was the reigning monarch when the Roanoke Island colony was established in 1585. Encircling the queen's image are the inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "HALF DOLLAR," and "E PLURIBUS UNUM." This side of the coin pays homage to the historical connection between the United States and the English colony at Roanoke Island.

    Turning to the reverse side, the design artfully depicts a mother holding the infant Virginia Dare, symbolizing Eleanor Dare, the mother of the first English child born in the New World. Behind them stands a colonial figure, representing the aspirations and dreams of the early settlers. The reverse is inscribed with "ROANOKE ISLAND" and "FOUNDING OF ENGLISH AMERICA," along with the dual dates "1585" and "1937," marking the 350th anniversary of the colony's founding.

    The coin has a diameter of 30.6 millimeters, which is standard for a half dollar coin. This size allows for the intricate details of the design to be prominently displayed, making it a visually captivating piece.

    The Roanoke Half Dollar was minted at the Philadelphia Mint, a renowned institution known for producing numerous commemorative coins during this era. The mintage figure for this coin reached 50,000 pieces, ensuring its availability to collectors and history enthusiasts.

    With a weight of approximately 12.5 grams, the Roanoke Half Dollar is a substantial coin. It is composed of a silver alloy, with a silver content of 90% and a copper content of 10%. This composition was the standard for US silver coins at the time, offering durability and resistance to wear.

    The coin's silver purity of 90% provides it with a distinct white and lustrous appearance, characteristic of silver coins from this era. The combination of silver and copper in the alloy also helps protect the coin against tarnishing and wear, preserving its visual appeal.

    Graded as MS67+ by NGC, this coin is in extraordinary condition. MS67+ indicates that the coin is in Mint State (uncirculated) condition with only minor imperfections. It retains its original luster and exhibits exceptional eye appeal. Such high-grade coins are highly sought after by collectors due to their exceptional quality and pristine appearance.

    An intriguing fact about Roanoke Island is the enduring mystery surrounding the fate of the Roanoke Colony. In 1587, a group of English settlers, including Virginia Dare, mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only the word "CROATOAN" carved on a tree. The disappearance of the settlers remains a historical enigma, making Roanoke Island a place of fascination and curiosity for historians and archaeologists.

    In conclusion, the US Commemorative Roanoke Half Dollar from 1937, graded as MS67+ by NGC, is a remarkable numismatic treasure that encapsulates a significant moment in American history. Its design, historical significance, size, minting history, exceptional condition, and the enduring mystery of Roanoke Island make it a prized addition to coin collections and a compelling piece of the past for all who appreciate the rich tapestry of American heritage.

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