US Commemorative Lynchburg Half Dollar 1936 MS67 NGC

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    The US Commemorative Lynchburg Half Dollar 1936 MS67 NGC coin is an exceptional numismatic masterpiece that marries historical significance, exquisite design, limited mintage, and a prestigious MS67 (Mint State 67) grade certified by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). In this comprehensive description, we will delve into the coin's history, design, mintage, place of mintage, the remarkable MS67 grade, and its certification by NGC, illuminating its paramount status in the world of numismatics.

    The Lynchburg Sesquicentennial Exposition of 1936 was a momentous event celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lynchburg, Virginia's founding. In honor of this milestone, the United States Mint authorized the production of the Lynchburg Half Dollar. Beyond serving as a memento of the exposition, these coins aimed to generate funds in support of the celebration. As such, the Lynchburg Half Dollar carries profound historical significance, connecting it to the heart of Lynchburg's history.

    The Lynchburg Half Dollar's design is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry associated with commemorative coinage. The obverse side of the coin presents a finely detailed portrayal of John Lynch, the founder of Lynchburg, standing alongside Native Americans. This evocative scene captures the spirit of exploration and settlement in the region, framed by inscriptions reading "LYNCHBURG VIRGINIA SESQUICENTENNIAL" and "LIBERTY." On the reverse side, an exquisite panorama of Lynchburg's skyline unfolds, accentuating the city's iconic church spires. Gracefully soaring above the skyline is a majestic eagle in flight. The upper rim carries the inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM," while the coin's denomination, "HALF DOLLAR," and the mintmark "S" for San Francisco Mint are positioned below.

    The Lynchburg Sesquicentennial Half Dollar was produced in limited quantities, with a maximum authorized mintage of 20,000 coins. This limited production adds to the coin's allure among collectors, guaranteeing that only a relatively small number of these coins were ever produced. These commemorative half dollars were struck at the San Francisco Mint, a distinguished institution renowned for producing top-tier coinage. The presence of the "S" mintmark on the reverse of the coin confirms its origin from this mint, further elevating its historical and collector value.

    The US Commemorative Lynchburg Half Dollar 1936 MS67 NGC coin bears the prestigious MS67 grade, a testament to its superior condition. This remarkable grade was awarded by NGC, the esteemed Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, known for its rigorous grading standards. NGC has meticulously examined and authenticated this coin, affirming its extraordinary quality and grade. An MS67 grade signifies a coin that retains its original luster and exhibits minimal imperfections. It stands as a testament to the coin's superior craftsmanship and collector appeal. MS67 coins are rare and highly sought-after by discerning collectors due to their impeccable condition and exceptional visual appeal.

    The US Commemorative Lynchburg Half Dollar 1936 MS67 NGC coin is an exceptional numismatic treasure that embodies historical significance, breathtaking design, limited mintage, and a prestigious MS67 grade certified by NGC. It serves as a tangible link to Lynchburg's sesquicentennial celebration and epitomizes the rich history and culture of the United States. Whether acquired as a collectible or cherished as a symbol of American heritage, this coin holds an esteemed position in the realm of numismatics, representing the enduring allure of commemorative coinage and the preservation of our nation's history.

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