US Commemorative Long Island Half Dollar 1936 XF

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    The US Commemorative Long Island Half Dollar 1936 XF coin is a remarkable numismatic piece that transports collectors and enthusiasts back to a pivotal moment in American history. Minted in 1936, this coin is a testament to the enduring spirit of Long Island and its significant role in the early development of the United States. The United States has a rich tradition of commemorating important historical events and locations through coinage. The Long Island Half Dollar of 1936 was issued to mark the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Huntington, located on Long Island, New York. This commemorative coin served as a tangible link between the modern era and the historical roots of Long Island, which played a crucial role in the early days of American settlement.

    The US Commemorative Long Island Half Dollar 1936 XF coin features a design that is both artistically compelling and historically significant. On the obverse side, it showcases a striking image of John Henry, the first English settler in the Town of Huntington. He is depicted in period attire, a testament to the colonial origins of Long Island. The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "HALF DOLLAR" frame the design, while "JOHN HENRY" is inscribed below the figure. On the reverse side, the coin presents an intricate and detailed depiction of a Dutch sailing ship, harkening back to the days when Long Island was under Dutch colonial rule. The ship symbolizes the island's history as a crucial center for maritime trade and exploration. The year "1936" is prominently displayed, marking the coin's year of issue.

    The US Commemorative Long Island Half Dollar of 1936 was struck with care and precision to commemorate the town's tricentennial anniversary. A total of 27,004 coins were minted, adding to the coin's desirability among collectors. The limited mintage ensures that this coin remains a sought-after piece of American numismatic history.

    This coin is graded as "XF," signifying "Extra Fine." In numismatic terminology, an Extra Fine coin typically shows moderate wear consistent with circulation, but the essential design elements remain well-defined and visible. While there may be some wear on the coin's higher points and surface, the overall appearance of the coin is pleasing. The fact that this coin has maintained its Extra Fine condition over the years speaks to its historical significance and the care it has received from collectors and enthusiasts.

    The US Commemorative Long Island Half Dollar 1936 XF coin is a numismatic treasure that not only celebrates the history of Long Island but also serves as a link to America's colonial past. Its evocative design, limited mintage, and Extra Fine condition make it a highly prized addition to any coin collection.

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