US Commemorative Elgin Half Dollar 1936 UNC

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    The US Commemorative Elgin Half Dollar of 1936, in UNC (Uncirculated) condition, is a numismatic treasure that commemorates the centennial celebration of the founding of Elgin, Illinois. Beyond its face value, this coin embodies the historical significance of local milestones and serves as a tangible link to the proud heritage of an American city.

    The history of commemorative coins in the United States is intertwined with moments of historical significance and community pride. The Elgin Commemorative Half Dollar of 1936 was issued to mark the 100th anniversary of Elgin's founding, a momentous occasion for the city and its residents. This coin symbolizes America's tradition of commemorating important events through numismatic artistry.

    The design of the Elgin Half Dollar is a testament to the city's heritage and achievements. The obverse features a detailed portrait of James T. Gifford, one of Elgin's founders and a prominent figure in the city's history. Surrounding his image are inscriptions, including "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "LIBERTY," and the year "1936." Gifford's dignified presence captures the spirit of Elgin's founders and their commitment to progress. The reverse side of the coin showcases a majestic eagle with outstretched wings, symbolizing America's strength and resilience. The eagle is set against the backdrop of a rising sun, signifying a new era of prosperity for Elgin as it celebrated its centennial. The reverse also bears the inscriptions "ELGIN CENTENNIAL" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM," emphasizing the unity and diversity that define the nation.

    The minting of the Elgin Half Dollar was carried out with precision and attention to detail. These coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint, known for its dedication to producing coins of the highest quality. The selection of the Philadelphia Mint for this commemorative issue underscores the significance of the occasion and the desire to create a lasting tribute.

    The mintage of the Elgin Half Dollar was limited to 25,015 pieces, a relatively modest number compared to some other commemorative issues of the era. This limited mintage adds to the coin's desirability among collectors and underscores the specific nature of the commemoration.

    As a half-dollar denomination, this coin represented a significant value during its time of issuance. It was intended for circulation like regular currency while also serving as a commemorative keepsake. The coin's dual purpose made it a cherished memento for the residents of Elgin and a sought-after collectible for numismatists.

    The condition of this Elgin Half Dollar is UNC (Uncirculated), indicating that it has never been used in commerce and retains its original mint state. UNC coins are highly sought after by collectors because they exhibit sharp details, full luster, and no wear. Owning a coin in UNC condition allows collectors to appreciate the beauty and historical significance of the piece.

    An interesting fact about Elgin, Illinois, is its rich history and contributions to American industry. Elgin was home to the Elgin National Watch Company, a renowned manufacturer of timepieces during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The city's watchmaking legacy earned it the nickname "Watch City" and made it a hub for horological innovation.

    In conclusion, the US Commemorative Elgin Half Dollar of 1936 in UNC condition is a numismatic masterpiece that commemorates a significant moment in American history—the 100th anniversary of Elgin, Illinois. Its exquisite design, limited mintage, and pristine condition make it a treasured collectible that not only celebrates the city's heritage but also pays tribute to the enduring legacy of American communities and their contributions to the nation's growth and prosperity.

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