US Commemorative Dollar Uncirculated 1988-D Olympic

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    The US Commemorative Dollar Uncirculated 1988-D Olympic coin pays tribute to the Olympic Games, one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world. The Olympic Games have a long and storied history, dating back to ancient Greece, where they were held in Olympia as early as the 8th century BCE. The modern Olympic Games were revived in 1896 in Athens, Greece, and have since become a symbol of international cooperation and athletic excellence.

    The design of the 1988-D Olympic commemorative dollar typically features imagery related to the Olympic Games on both the obverse and reverse sides of the coin. The obverse side may depict an athlete or symbolic representation of the games, while the reverse side often features the Olympic rings or other iconic Olympic symbols.

    The coins were minted at the Denver Mint, one of the facilities operated by the United States Mint. The Denver Mint has a long history of producing circulating and commemorative coins for the United States and has played a central role in the nation's coinage since its establishment in 1906.

    Exact mintage figures for the 1988-D Olympic commemorative dollar coin may vary depending on demand from collectors and other factors. Commemorative coins are typically issued in limited quantities to commemorate special events or anniversaries, making them highly sought after by numismatists.

    The denomination of the coin, typically one dollar, reflects its face value in US currency. However, commemorative coins often have a higher intrinsic and collector value due to their limited mintage and historical significance.

    In terms of condition, the 1988-D Olympic commemorative dollar coin is described as Uncirculated, indicating that it has never been used in commerce and retains its original mint luster. Uncirculated coins may exhibit minor imperfections from the minting process but are generally free from significant wear.

    The Olympic Games bring together athletes from around the world to compete in a wide range of sports and disciplines, fostering friendship, solidarity, and fair play among nations. The Games have evolved over the years to include both summer and winter editions, with thousands of athletes participating in events that captivate audiences worldwide.

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