US Barber Quarter Very Good Condition 1916-D

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    The 1916-D Barber Quarter was the last Barber Quarter to be minted at the Denver Mint. Considered to be in very good condition, the 1916-D contains large abrasions and lacks in detail, such as the leaves on Liberty's headpiece or the feathering on the heraldic eagle. There were small amounts of 1916-D Quarters minted, but are still widely available to collectors. The Denver Mint was established in 1906, participating in the Barber series that same year. The Denver Mint is known for its production of mint sets and commemorative coins. It also holds the leading spot for being the single largest producer of coins in the world. The Denver Mint uses the "D" mint-mark to indicate where the coins were minted.

    The Barber series replaced the Seated Liberty coinage, by preference of the Mint Director, Edward Leech. After a failed attempt to offer a friendly competition among local artists, Leech resorted to Chief Engraver, William Barber, to come up with the design. Barber's design extended to the dime, quarter, and half dollar; being one of the only coin designs to serve on all currency. Liberty is wearing a Grecian leaf cap, on the obverse, as the reverse features the nation's seal. The Barber Dime is the only Barber coin to not showcase the heraldic eagle, holding the shield, on its reverse. The dime and quarter feature just the coin's monetary denomination.

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    • Year: 1916
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